Required Outside Recital Attendance, Critiques, and Journaling

Outside Recitals and Performances

At HSPVA, all art area students attend off-campus performances to enrich their arts education.  9th-11th grade vocal students are required to attend SIX outside performances during the school year, three per semester.  TWO are required by the end of the second and fifth grading periods and the third is due the week before final exams each semester.  Students may attend one performance during the summer to use for the first six weeks.

SOLO Concert/Recital/Show Requirements:

  • Performances must be at the university, community (church, Houston Masterworks, etc.), or professional level.  High school level performances are not allowed.
  • Solo singing must be the largest component of the performance.
  • Choral concerts do NOT fulfill this requirement although we absolutely encourage students to attend choral concerts in addition to their solo recitals.
  • TWO of the six performances may be musical theatre.  The other four MUST be CLASSICAL.  We highly encourage that vocal students attend at least one opera performance per semester.
  • Students will type a one-page critique on each performance.  The rubric for the critique is on the cover sheet.  This critique is  MAJOR grade in Vocal Production classes.

Many students attend operas and student recitals at local universities: Moores (UH), Shepherd (Rice), and HBU.  They also purchase season tickets to Houston Grand Opera, Opera in the Heights, and so forth.

Recital Board

The vocal faculty posts flyers of many area performances that students may attend.  This is by no means a complete listing.  It is the responsibility of the student to search the newspaper, internet, etc. to find appropriate recitals, shows and concerts.

Because of our place in the Houston arts community, HSPVA students are afforded the opportunity to receive free and reduced price tickets to performances throughout the year.  Students should check the Recital Board outside the choir room on a regular basis for information on concerts, recitals and free and reduced price tickets.


All vocal students maintain a dated journal (kept in a lined composition book) from freshman through junior years.  Students keep track of practicing, discuss vocal growth and vocal issues and so forth.  Journals are graded at the end of each six weeks period.  They are a MAJOR grade in vocal production and Master Classes.

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